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FeetUp® Teacher Training

Discover the endless possibilities with the FeetUp® Trainer and expand your yoga lessons.

Enrich your yoga classes!

Learn how to incorporate the FeetUp® Trainer into your work and daily life.

Inversions made easy!

Classic headstands are a main cause for neck injuries in yoga lessons and don't allow much playfulness. In the FeetUp® Teacher Training you will learn how to incorporate safe inversions with your FeetUp® Trainer in an easy and playful way.

It's all about having fun!

In the 2.5 day training course you will learn everything you need to know to use the FeetUp® Trainer - from practical tips for a versatile use in your class to anatomy and alignment. In addition to the rich "learning material", however, the focus is above all on one's own practice, fun and the exchange with the group.

Time to switch perspective

With the FeetUp® Trainer yoga can be experienced in completely new ways. Turning the world upside down offers many possibilities to move the body and to stay fit and healthy. This also gives your mind enriching impulses and new ideas arise.

What the participants say...

„The FeetUp® Teacher Training was enriching, diversified, eductional, funny, playful, entertaining, (..). To make it short: simply inspiring!“



„It has been a long time since I’ve spent such an inspiring weekend. Though it was a lot of input, it cam along with such an easiness - just like my first headstand with the FeetUp® Trainer.“



„I have had the FeetUp® Trainer for quite a long time and I use it very often. This Training has given me so many additional nice inputs for my yoga classes.“



„Although we were a potpourri of participants - yoga teachers, therapists and many more - Lea Zubak managed to pick each one of us up individually.“

Thomas - @yogadude



  • theory, practice & co-teaching
  • creative variations with the FeetUp® Trainer
  • partner work, hands-on assistance
  • FeetUp®-relevant anatomy and effects
  • creating your own yoga lessons with the FeetUp® Trainer
  • sequences and partner exercises
  • personal training with the FeetUp® Trainer

  • yoga teachers
  • physio therapists
  • bodyworkers with all backgrounds
  • pilates, fitness and personal trainers
  • personal trainers
  • With the FeetUp® Teacher Training we primarily focus on yoga teachers. We also understand the training as a place for exchange in order to have a comprehensive experience with the FeetUp® Trainer. The training offers the perfect setting for all interested people to get to know the great FeetUp® world.

The FeetUp® Teacher Training is a 2.5-day advanced training course. We start Friday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday are all day. The exact times vary from location to location. You can find them by clicking on the city of your choice.

There is no exam at the weekend but everyone leaves with a certificate of attendance. Each participant has the opportunity to submit a homework assignment after the weekend. This successfully completes the training and we send out a certificate as "Certified FeetUp® Teacher". In addition, everyone receives the official FeetUp® Teacher manual (28 pages, paperback).

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