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Safe and easy inversions for everyone!

Increase your studios´ attraction with the FeetUp® Trainer by bringing safe inversions to your classes.

Why teach inversions with the FeetUp® Trainer?

Safe & easy for everyone

Classic headstands are a leading cause for neck injuries in yoga studios. The cervical spine was not designed to support our entire bodyweight! With the FeetUp® Trainer your students can finally invert safely without the risk of injuries.

Increase your students' self-confidence

Yoga beginners will be thrilled to achieve the headstand (the FeetUp® Posture) safely & successfully, at the first attempt. And thrilled students are more likely to book classes with you again. Win!-Win!

Increase your studios´ attraction

Testimonials prove it, and we've seen it many times: while it brings more safety and engagement to your students, the FeetUp® Trainer is a very helpful, original and creative partner in any studio or gym that wants to increase its attraction.

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