The kids enjoy being upside down.

Yoga is not only good for adults. Even children benefit from the regular training on the mat. Yoga is proven to promote concentration as well as physical fitness, balance and coordination. For this reason, Kilian Trenkle, inventor of the "FeetUp" yoga trainer, and Patrick Broome, yoga teacher of the national team, support the project "Yoga for Kids" and donate 20 FeetUp trainers to social institutions of the Kreisjugendring Munich.


"Not only does yoga help children to learn better balance and coordination, it also promotes their self-confidence as they master individual poses. With the FeetUp Trainer, they can easily and most importantly risk-free get into the headstand and can enjoy the world headfirst.", says Kilian Trenkle, inventor of the headstand stool. In fact, the headstand is said to calm the mind and reduce stress. This is especially beneficial for very active children. With the FeetUp they can relax in the head-up pose and learn to concentrate fully on their body. And all in an absolutely fun way.

The girls don’t have any problems keeping their “feet up” all by themselves.


The aim of the action is to introduce children to yoga in a playful way. After all, the relaxing exercises promote the development of children on a physical, mental and spiritual level. On a physical level, yoga provides improved motor skills and body awareness, as well as an improved body sensation. It also promotes concentration and trains the general sensory perception, which leads to a better learning ability. Yoga can also be beneficial for social interaction in the group, as certain rules of friendly dealing with oneself and the environment are promoted in training. 

Is the core engaged? Just making sure…


FeetUp and Patrick Broome Yoga are delighted to inspire the children of the social institutions of the KJR Munich by donating 20 FeetUp trainers for yoga and the headstand. "We hope the kids will enjoy yoga with the FeetUp Trainer. Hopefully, the benefits will not only be noticed by the kids themselves, but also by their parents. ", says Patrick Broome.

Kilian and Patrick are happy that the kids enjoy being upside down on the FeetUp Trainer.
Photos: Simon Toplak Photography
November 02, 2017 — Freigeist Products GmbH

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